Marc Cornelissen identified, Philip de Roo remains missing.

News - Tuesday 12/05 - Cold Facts team

During a risky recovery operation, a team of local volunteers and Canadian experts retrieved a body at the location of the accident. The Canadian coroner has identified the body as that of Marc Cornelissen. An extensive search at the scene did not find the body of the second polar explorer. The status of Philip de Roo remains missing.

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and the Chief office of the Coroner have concluded, that all available evidence confirms that Marc Cornelissen is drowned by hypothermia at the location from which the emergency signal was sent on April 29.

Marc Cornelissen's body has been taken into the care of the Dutch Embassy in Canada and will be repatriated to the Netherlands.
On behalf of the families we would like to thank everyone involved, for their efforts to find Philip and Marc and to provide clarification of their fate. A special word of appreciation goes out to the RCMP employees and brave volunteers of the recovery team. Also, we are grateful for the support from the local community in Resolute. Communications with the Canadian authorities have been very effective, also because of the continuing efforts of the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa and the staff of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We appreciate the support of Allianz Global Assistance. We also want to thank everyone who has followed us via press or social media and thank you for considering our privacy.

More information on their work and their lives can be found on this website as well as their individual websites. On the websites we will release more information on how they will be commemorated, and how you can leave your message of support.

If you want to give a message of support, please use this link.

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