For scientists

Are you a polar scientist and would you like to share your work and findings with a wider audience? Are you looking for fieldwork support? Or are you interested in the data we gather?

Cold Facts communicates scientific facts to a broad audience in a clear and concise way, but without over-simplifying or jumping to conclusions. We feature and produce media rich content to enhance outreach, from our comfortable office and the frigid outdoors.

We also have extensive experience in accessing remote locations and managing lean and mean field operations.

Or perhaps you are interested in the data we gather and tap into it? Or you might want to use the capacity of polar explorers to gather specific data in remote regions? We can assess feasibility and help connecting with the community of polar explorers and setting up practical protocols and work streams. Think about it, there is capacity and motivation out there.  

Over the years we have worked with respected organisations, scientists and media.

Scientific organisations: Alfred Wegener Institute, University College London, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, York University, European Space Agency, DTU Space, University of Washington

Media: CNN, CNBC, BBC, Reuters, MTV, NCRV, KRO, NOS, RTL4, 3FM, Radio 1, Deutsche Welle, The telegraph.