Our dear friends Marc and Philip are missing

News - Thursday 30/04 - Cold Facts team

The Dutch base camp received an emergency message from their tracer April 29th, early morning in Holland.

An urgent pickup was requested, no further details were available. As soon as possible a plane left Resolute, arriving at the latest location send out by the tracer. When the plane arrived, the pilot was unable to land due to the open-water-ice conditions. The dog was found alive next to a sled and a big hole in the ice. No sign of Marc and Philip.
Soon this news came to us, a search- and rescue action was coordinated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Due to the white-out weather conditions a standby helicopter could not leave Resolute. Another search-plane left Resolute, on board 4 spotters trained to search on the ice from the air. After an extended search flight, the plane spotted again the dog still in the same position. Also two sleds were found. One on the ice, partly unpacked. The other in the open water. The plane returned with no more news of Marc and Philip then that the sleds were found and that the open-water-ice conditions are too dangerous for either a helicopter or a plane to land.
Upon return of the latest search flight, the RCMP after consulting Canadian authorities, decided to start a recovery operation. Marc and Philip are still missing. We keep you posted if any news is available.

Read the press release (in Dutch).

The Cold Facts team