Preparing in Resolute

News - Thursday 02/04 -

There's a lot of preparation to be done before Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo can head out onto the ice for their Last Ice Survey 2015 expedition. Marc reports from Resolute.

"Since we have arrived last Saturday evening we have been quite busy preparing our trip by collecting cargo, digging up old stock and preparing food.
It always takes more time than you want but is part of the deal. And we don’t feel like rushing or stressing towards departure.

Today was again a beautiful day with lots of good vibes. We took some time to enjoy the scenery around Resolute. And guess what Philip spotted? The sledge that I took on my 1996 expedition into the same region as we are heading, and also the exact same sledge that I pulled for 70 days towards the Geographic North Pole. It’s still in use by a local hunter. What to say about that? Quite special… Also special how so many people are helping us. In Resolute, Joyce is definitely on of our heroes as she offered us to stay in her house. Her hospitality is very much appreciated!

Tomorrow we will decide if we take a watch dog with us. We have a charming candidate called Nala. Of course we will introduce her when she is to be part of the team. We have enough food and gear to accommodate her and because Philip and I are are both crazy about dogs, it is likely that we will have her on the team."